Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We had a great time at Lagoon on their opening week! Its always a blast with my family!  Of course I got super sick after!

Little Shop of Horrors

We had a blast going to our good friend Bruk's Birthday party.  We attended the play "The Little Shop of Horrors".  It was really well done.  Bruk and I always share our Birtdays since they are only a day apart.  After all these years its still so fun!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sweet-Heart Dance!

 I can't believe my twins are old enough to drive and go to High School Dances! Wow!  Where has the time gone?Here they are all decked out for the dance. I think they both look amazing!ere is Marissa with Taylor.  He treated her very well.  
Bre dyed Marissa's hair RED right before the dance.  I think it is beautiful on her.
Marissa's group!
Austin and Ellie!  She is from our last ward and asked Austin in such a cute way.  Here they are looking so sweet together.

Mexican Cruise

Yes, another cruise....It was too hard to pass up the great deal we got.  And since I hate winter it was perfect timing. We stopped by my sister Lis's house for a night.  I love her and her family.  Bo followed me around and wanted me to hold her the whole time.  She is so sweet!

Here we are getting on to the ship!

Beautiful Sunset!

Grant and my brother Rand plaare playing basketball on top of the ship.

Here we are at dinner.
Grant and I going scuba diving for my first time in Cabo San Lucas.  I was soooo scared but once I was down and the fear of the shooting to the surface passed it was incredible!  We saw the amazing sand waterfalls and lots of colorful fish.
  It was increadible!
Lover's Beach!

Check out the incredible rock formations
We went snorkling and whale watching in Cabo San Lucas the second day at port.  I don't know if I have seen so many whales at one time.
We got some drinks by the beach and massages in Puerto Vallarta. Some of my favorite things to do! Here is Grant posing in front of this beautiful beach. 

Our ship docked at Puerto Vallarta!  It is really spectacular!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Austin gets his Eagle

It was a very special day that we prepared weeks for.  Austin became the first Eagle in our new ward and in our new stake. We wanted it to be special. We had the Honor Guard come and present the colors. It was pretty impressive.

We had many attend. Starting from the left is the Scoutn Master Brother Thueson, the Youn Men's president Brother Peterson, the Varsity Coach Erik Bournamerier, Bishop Meacham, Stake President Stephenson, a good friend and a Layton City Counsilman Scott Freitag, and the Mayor of Layton and a good friend Steve Curtis.
We had a candle lighting ceremony using the boy scouts.
Austin was sworn in by his dad.
We had a live Eagle come. It was beautiful!
I put to gether a slide show of Austin's life and his Eagle Project.
Austin finally recieves his Eagle!
He takes his place iin the Eagles Nest.
Both the Stake Young Men's and Stake President presented him with a coin.
It was an amazing night.  Here are some pictures starting with the Mayor of Layton.
The Freitags and their son Parker who has been a good friend of Austin for years.
Proud Parents!
Love my family! I am so proud of them.
Check out this amazing cake!